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N-CAP Australia

Commercial Grade Shrink Wrap

N-Cap Australia provides specialist containment and protection services that can be applied to a wide range of sectors, ranging from basic scaffolding structures to offshore rigs and platforms.

N-Cap’s leading-edge techniques apply an industrial-grade blend of polyethylene heat retractable sheeting to any framework or scaffolding. The plastic is then shrunk using heat to increase the material strength and remove any slack that is typical of other sheeting or protection material.

Benefits of N-Cap shrink wrap includes:

  • Protecting buildings being constructed against harsh weather conditions.
  • Provide safe areas of containment to minimise workplace contamination, or to maximise environmental containment.
  • Shrinkwrapping can be applied to structures or objects of any shape or size, providing a level of flexibility and protection.
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N-Cap Australia | Gateway Building Sydney | Shrink Wrap

We are part of the Verisafe Network. VeriSafe ® films are a worldwide leader and meet the highest requirements. Our product is flame retardant certified worldwide, and we can offer sizes from 50 to 350 Micron (Mu) from 30 cm to 12 m.