About N-CAP

Australia Commercial Shrink Wrapping

N-Cap Australia provides specialist containment and protection services that can be applied to a wide range of sectors, ranging from basic scaffolding structures to offshore rigs and platforms.

N-Cap’s leading edge techniques apply an industrial grade blend of polyethylene heat retractable sheeting to any framework or scaffolding. The plastic is then shrunk using heat to increase the material strength and remove any slack that is typical of any other sheeting or protection material.

Following ‘shrinking’, the plastic sheeting forms a  single drum-tight, tear resistant skin that can continuously mould to any size or shape of structure. There are no holes or gaps typical of traditional sheeting, making our service highly effective for applications where a high level of containment or weather protection is required.

N-Cap’s experienced installers have worked throughout Europe and the Middle East, successfully completing protection and containment projects in:

  • Construction and renovation sites
  • Industrial sites
  • Offshore, shipping and marine
  • Petrochemical and mining
  • Rail and infrastructure
  • Transportation solutions
  • Entertainment and events

Although N-cap is a newly established company in Australia our team of installers have many years of experience working with some of the largest industrial and commercial scaffolding companies throughout Europe.

Our team’s extensive training, skills and experience mean that we can deliver tailored containment and protection solutions to construction projects with the most demanding requirements.