Rail Network

The Australian passenger and freight rail networks are an integral component of our transport infrastructure. 

As such the regular track work to maintain and upgrade these networks needs to be carried out as rapidly as possible. The shrink wrap encapsulation provided by N-cap create a previously unobtainable level of protection from unfavourable weather conditions, meaning works can be completed on time and on budget.

Due to the nature of the transport infrastructure, much of the rail network is concentrated in high population areas. This factor increases the necessity to contain the materials, wastes and pollutants used during repairs and maintenance. N-cap offers the containment required to safe guard the public and the environment but also provides a shield that delivers a smooth and professional finish improving the image for the contractor throughout the duration of the work.

The N-cap team have extensive shrink wrapping experience working on all aspects of rail network protection and containment including bridge and tunnel works. We are accustomed to working short shifts and operate during possession periods to satisfy the demanding rail infrastructure operating requirements.

Our material is accredited to the required LPS 1215/1207 fire retardant levels that will deliver peace of mind that maximum protection is offered against fire damage.

N-Cap is your safeguard against scuffs, scratches and breakages during rail transport. Extremely tough and durable, N-Cap offer protection on all levels, giving you the confidence your freight will arrive at its destination in one piece, scratch-free and in the same condition it left.